How to Earn money writing Articles

Saturday, 12 January 2013 Posted by Osvaldo Lima 37 comments
If you are trying to earn some decent money online then the best alternative you have is to earn money writing articles and stories.This is the best possible way to make a decent living while working from the comfort of your home.Today with the advent and growth of blogging the demand and job opportunities for freelance article writers is constantly growing.Big Companies and High profile Bloggers are hiring article writers to write articles for their website and in turn providing them with a fat paycheck.Most of these article writers are giving up their 9 to 5 job and turning into a full time article writers.Some of the writers I know make around $8000 per month by just working for 5-6 hours per day.

Lets calculate the earning potential:

Writing one quality article = $50 - $60 (Though some very high quality articles are paid around $200,but lets stick with the average)

1 article a day = $50 (But you would comfortably write around 2 articles per day,atleast,isn't it?)

2 articles a day = $100

14 articles a week = $700

56 articles a month = $2800 atleast...

and it is not a bad return for a 45-60 minutes a day part time job.What say!

I was pleasantly surprised when I was paid a whooping $3200 (a lot of money from my perspective) in my Paypal account for my entire summer vacation effort.It was so addictive that I decided to cancel my summer trip to Rio de Janeiro (I had decided a week stay at Santa Teresa before visiting Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon).

But finally this sacrifice paid off.Seeing this huge amount of money in my Paypal Account gave me immense pleasure and confidence so I decided to share the whole experience with you guys.Before this I have been earning tits and bits from here and there (for example doing a survey or from various PTC campaigns) but this was one major earning I had made till date and continue to do so as the potential is very high.

It is for this reason that people are leaving their daily job to become a full time article writer.Besides, you do not need any educational degree or be excellent in English to do this job.Its just that you need to write in a simple manner which everyone can easily understand.

How do I start my article writing profession?

So,If you want to earn money writing articles then Sign Up with and they will take care of the rest.They have the largest Online database of writing jobs i.e. they are in collaboration with the companies who require and hire article writers.Once you join them you will be able to choose the article writing jobs that interests you.You will be provided with all the best writing training tools available and they will guide you through out the entire process of article creation,submission and your payment.Everything will be completely seamless and automatic.

How much will I earn ?

It depends.The more article you write,the more money you will earn.Simple!

How long before I get paid?

Instantly! It's a give and take process.You deliver them the articles you have written and they will pay you instantly.

How will I get paid?

You will be paid by Check,PayPal or BankWire (for larger amount). It depends on what payment mode you choose.

What countries are eligible to apply for this article writing job?

ALL Countries are allowed to apply for this job of article writers.At first only people from U.S were allowed to join but due to the overwhelming requirement of article writers the door has been opened for the people of all the countries(but only for a limited period of time). So it is a golden time to join now and become a permanent part of the largest and oldest online article writers job portal.

Honestly speaking,I never thought that I could make the amount of money I am currently making.I mean when we compare the amount of effort I am putting to the amount of money earned,the whole thing looks quite unreal.But I was pleasantly surprised when I received my first payment.Thanks to some proper guidance and advice I received from some of my Online friends(who are pursuing article writing as their career),I ended up being part time article writer and considering to be a full time professional article writer soon.

If I were to advice you,I would tell you to join and experience the whole thing yourself.I bet you wouldn't regret it.